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in terms of weight, Phil Reeves has a rule: while the scales creep into three figures, it is time to do so.
As a mechanical engineer and spreadsheet geek, he says the NHS healthy dietweight-reduction plan have become clean to take a look at, practical and appealed to his feel of exact judgment.
The Liverpudlian did the 12-week programme twice in seven months, dropping 15kg (2.3st) from a top of 107kg, in his bid to achieve a healthy weight.
Phil, who has a younger daughter, says the plan has left him feeling more healthy, more healthy and geared up to deal with some thing fatherhood throws at him.
How did you hear about the plan?
Christmas have become not type. through the end of all the feasting, I weighed 107kg (16.8st). i've a rule that each time my weight is going into three figures, it's time to head on a fitness kick. The NHS weight loss plan teaches you the talents to save you setting the load lower again on. The plan relies, based on not unusual sense, and it is unfastened – it ticked masses of containers. i'm an engineer and it appealed to my logical thoughts.
How plenty did you lose?
I determined the weight loss plan two times – once in January and again in may additionally moreover. I misplaced 7.5kg each time, so it is worked properly for me. i am all the manner down to 91kg – simply inner my wholesome weight range. i'm now making use of the talents located on the plan to maintain dropping weight to drop similarly interior my wholesome weight range.
Why did making a decision to shed pounds?
i love taking walks however the greater weight i used to be wearing around changed into hurting my knees, so I desired to lose weight. There were different motives – you appearance higher and experience greater assured. The trouble is, i clearly like my meals. I recognize I overeat.
Did you discover the weight reduction network helpful?
there can be a strong network built across the NHS plan. there are so many humans each following it or who have finished the plan, making the forum a extremely good location to move for useful resource and motivation. you can percent suggestions, ask questions or simply open up at the same time as you've got had a terrible week. while you feel down and no longer losing weight, the forum permit you to get again on track.
What workout did you do at the plan?
The plan is blanketed with sofa to 5K and energy and Flex, but as i am already pretty energetic, I planned my very very own regime and just stepped it up a gadget. I cycled 30% of my adventure to work rather than 10%, that means i used to be biking 12 miles an afternoon. I endured with my lunchtime and midnight runs. night runs have been difficult due to parental obligations!
Did following the plan effect on own family lifestyles?
no longer honestly, because of the truth I though ate the equal meals – truely less of it. i was widely eating half of what i used to be eating earlier than. I weighed meals and mentioned the strength as correctly as feasible. I additionally had an up to date calorie tick list of desired food, to store time. I assume it without a doubt is why the plan works; it does now not contain dramatic modifications.
How did you track your development?
I used the food and workout chart (PDF, 544kb) for 2 weeks, however I have been given definitely into the tracking stuff, so I became to what I do wonderful. I designed a spreadsheet, which logged my calorie consumption, exercise and BMI in a single-of-a-kind tables and graphs. It become a fun manner to see your improvement over the years.
How did you manage eating out?
If i used to be going out for dinner there was an excellent danger i might move over my calorie allowance. I attempted to live realistic and limit detail period as lots as I have to, even though. If I went over, i'd compensate on other days with the aid of upping the workout.
How did you cope with snacking?
i have always had been given fruit and veg in the residence if i am peckish. as soon as per week, I buy fruit and veg in bulk from a wholesale produce marketplace to keep charges down. At art work, i might graze on fruit and veg at a few degree inside the day rather of getting breakfast and lunch. Getting 5 an afternoon wasn't a hassle.
How did you maintain yourself inspired?
i used to be losing weight and feeling extra wholesome – it really is motivation sufficient. My BMI was coming down, and my cycle times have been enhancing from week to week. My frame shape turned into converting. the affection handles were disappearing and the six-percent was coming lower back.
Seeing all of the graphs pointing inside the right course at the spreadsheet gave me a real increase. As a decide, i'm additionally a feature version, so I need to set a excellent instance to my daughter in relation to wholesome dwelling.
How has following the plan changed you?
i am greater lively and greater active. I additionally revel in higher about myself and more confident. The plan is designed that will help you form new healthier behavior, and because of it I now mechanically cycle to paintings. Bringing fruit and veg to artwork is now 2nd nature. i'm now greater privy to the calorie content in meals and eat smaller quantities.

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