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Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder

Turner syndrome is a genetic ailment that affects approximately 1 in each 2,000 infant ladies and simplest influences women.

A female with Turner syndrome most effective has one everyday X intercourse chromosome, in preference to the equal old  (XX).
This chromosome version occurs randomly at the same time as the toddler is conceived in the womb. It isn't related to the mom's age.
read more approximately the genetic motive of Turner syndrome.
trends of Turner syndrome
women with Turner syndrome often have a extensive form of signs and a few special tendencies. almost all girls with Turner syndrome:
are shorter than common
have underdeveloped ovaries (female reproductive organs), ensuing in a loss of month-to-month intervals and infertility
As height and sexual development are the 2 essential trends, Turner syndrome may not be identified till a girl fails to show sexual improvement related to puberty, normally the various some time of 8 and 14 years.
special characteristics of Turner syndrome can variety appreciably among people.
look at greater approximately the signs and symptoms of Turner syndrome and how Turner syndrome is diagnosed.
Treating Turner syndrome
there may be no remedy for Turner syndrome, but some of the associated symptoms can be treated.
girls and women with Turner syndrome will want to have normal fitness exams in their coronary coronary heart, kidneys and reproductive gadget at some point of their lives. but, it is also feasible to steer a fairly normal and healthful life.
lifestyles expectancy is slightly reduced, but it may be stepped forward with regular health checks to grow to be aware of and address capability troubles at an early degree.
examine extra approximately treating Turner syndrome.
facts about you
if you or your daughter has Turner syndrome, your scientific crew will skip records approximately you/your daughter directly to the country wide Congenital Anomaly and uncommon diseases Registration provider (NCARDRS).
This lets in scientists look for better approaches to prevent and treat this case. you could decide out of the test in at any time.

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